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24/7 Online Beershopping, life can be tough! 

Onze bieren worden met grote zorgvuldigheid verpakt en verzendklaar gemaakt. De normale doorlooptijd van een bestelling is meestal 5 werkdagen na ontvangst betaling, maar soms komt het - door drukte - weleens voor dat de doorlooptijd iets langer is. Is haast geboden, laat het ons weten door een mail te sturen naar The Beershop Online . Wil je grotere aantallen bier bestellen neem dan contact op met ons voor een op maat gemaakte offerte en de bezorging.

Een aantal spelregels die in onze online winkel van belang zijn:

1) Probeer een volle doos te bestellen (zie filling your Box, alinea hieronder)
2) Bestel je meer bier dan in een doos past, worden verzendkosten voor de tweede doos in rekening gebracht
3) Respecteer het maximale aantal te verkrijgen Specials. Dit scheelt gewoon een hoop Email verkeer en het aanpassen van je order, bovendien zijn de kosten van betaalverkeer voor je eigen rekening.

Betalen met Credit Card? Zorg ervoor dat je betaling in een 'Veilig Bankieren' omgeving plaats vindt
Credit Card betalingen in een onbeveiligde omgeving worden geblokkeerd.

Alle feed-back om onze site te verbeteren is welkom (pagina Contact), dus voel je vrij!



Filling your BOX!
You can fill up your box to a maximum of 25 kilo. To help you we have the general weights of our bottles written down for you (this includes the packaging):
Bottle 75cl 1550 grams (1.55 kg)
Bottle 65cl 1450 grams (1.45 kg)
Bottle 50cl / pint 1250 grams (1.25 kg)
Bottle 37 ½ cl 1000 grams (1 kg)
Bottle 33cl 800 grams (0.8 kg)
Can 33cl 350 grams (0.35 kg)
Our boxes can contain 12,18 or 24 bottles. Be careful with the 24 bottle box... It's able to contain a max of 12 75cl bottles, for every large bottle, space for two small ones disappears.  To complicate things even further: 3 cans fit in one compartment but one compartment can only hold 1 33cl bottle and 1 can. So practise your arithmetic! In case of overweight, we will not be able to send you the so very badly wanted beers. We will cancel your order and your beers will be put back in stock - but first we will contact you of course wink.

Bank Transfer in advance - Payments must be done the same day you have ordered.
You have the possibility to pay by Bank Transfer. This always takes a couple of days and no extra costs are involved. As soon as we have received your order your beers will be reserved for you. If we have not received your payment within 5 working days we will cancel your order... but we will contact you before cancelling - maybe you had a busy week and it just slipped your mind... We're all human enlightened.

IDEAL: You are able to pay with IDEAL. There are no extra costs involved

VISA, MASTERCARD and MAESTRO: You are able to pay with your Credit Card. We charge 4.8% for the extra costs involved. Make sure your payment is done in a 'safe banking' environment. Otherwise your payment won't be accepted...

As soon as you have ordered, you'll receive an invoice with all your things. You see something strange... Contact us

Pick up your order & your order in stock!

You can order your beers and other goodies and press the button: Pick up, pay at reception (Ophalen, betalen bij ontvangst), we take care of your order and you can pick it up in Rotterdam. planbrotterdam@gmail.com , Are you in a hurry? Let us know (contact, don’t forget to write down your invoice number!). When you haven’t collected your lovely beers and goodies after 14 days, your order is cancelled and put back in stock. Sorry, no exceptions!


Your packed shipment
Shipping fees include handling and packaging fees as well as postage costs. Handling fees are fixed, whereas transport fees vary according to the location of the delivery address. Shipping costs are based on one (1) box.
Your package will be dispatched at your own risk, but special care is taken to protect fragile objects, like our precious beer bottles.

Shipping rates


Czech Republic



 >5 - 15 KG          

   € 44,75
Please contact our
  Service Office


 >5 - 25 KG

 € 10,00*

 € 12,50

 € 29,75

 € 34,75

 € 44,75**


*Only for the Netherlands: Orders above € 100,00 are delivered free of shipping costs (this goes per box, so for 2 boxes the order has to be € 200,00 andsoforth).

**Orders to Norway have an additional customs fee of €35.

Czech Republic, Greece, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia  and and Slovenia contact the Service office

If at all possible we will ship anywhere in the world but please note a box up to 20 kgs will cost about € 100,- and customs fees may apply. If you want to order from other countries, please mail with your enquiry to: planbrotterdam@gmail.com. blush

Each and every The Beershop Online Box is carefully packed and sealed personally by PP and his crew.
This is done just to make sure your newly purchased beers and beer-glasses will make the journey to their final destination in perfect condition. At The Beershop we consider it to be extremely important that the person receiving his/her order should be thrilled and excited to find a real The Beershop parcel at their doorstep!

After all, buying from www.thebeershop-online.com for yourself or someone else should be a hassle-free and fun experience!

Delivery outside EU
Delivery outside the EU may be subject to local import taxes, which are your responsibility where they apply. Unfortunately, we cannot advise you (yet) what these charges will be and we are not responsible for them.

Returns Policy
If you need to return a product purchased from our Beershop you have 14 working days to do so. The returned goods must be in a resalable state and any goods or accessories that accompany the returned product must also come back to us. We are unable to refund postage costs. We refund undamaged products. Please inform the service office first!

Damaged Goods
Please check your item upon delivery to ensure that it is the correct item and has been delivered without damage. If you receive the wrong product or a damaged product please hand back to the delivery driver for return to us and contact the service office.


Mail to Chief in Charge

Office: Plaza 13F, 4782SL Moerdijk        
BTWnr: NL852280439B01
IBAN NL46RABO 0173 622437

Alle prijzen incl. embalage indien van toepassing
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